The Cheeky Bastard Begins

My name is Dean, a full time photographer, videographer and graphic designer.
I'm living in a self-built camper van with my girlfriend Hyea who is a pianist and a writer.
We are traveling the world, taking photo, making music and communicate with people we met.

When I've planned this world trip in a van, I was alone and absolutely desperate. So I was converting it just for sleeping, eating and carrying my camera equipment. Now it is fully converted van into the camper van with a double bed, kitchen, bath and clean toilet because of my girl I met few month ago.

We don't know how long we are going to travel, how many country we are going to visit and how often we can connect to the online but we are going to try to leave the record of our journey.

Back in November in 2017, we didn't have a workshop, decent tools or even a small shed. We did all the job with some shoddy tools, which I bought on eBay for £50, in the car park, which is back of the business park in the UK.

That is my 2006 Citroën Relay 2.2 HDi Panel van. It wasn't on my wish list at all. I rather wanted to get a Ford Transit High Top or a Mere Sprinter long wheel base. But I bought that strange van because it was so cheap that I can afford.

Of course, my first job was stripping down all of the smelly rotten MDF and removing rusted parts. Fortunately, there was no holes and cracks.

It is so boring and time consuming job but absolutely important part of converting a second hand van. For this job, I bought an angle grinder from the eBay, which came with drill, jig saw and torch in £50, which I had to charge it up every 10 minute. I recommend you use a proper jig saw for the job. I will save your time and effort.
Anyway, after I removed all the rust in the back of the van, sprayed a metal paint to protect bare metal from the rust.

Clean and shine.

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