We live in a van on € 13 a day.

We've been living in a van nearly two months now.
We are completely settled into van life.
Finding a park place is the most exciting thing to do and we don't hesitate to empty our loo.
Now we absolutely do love our life.

However, we would expected that life was not gonna easy. And it really is.
Since we planned this journey, we put all our money on the van.
Buying. Repairing. Converting, etc.
So when we finished conversion, we only just have enough money to go to France.

Our van consumed about 15 litre diesel every 250km.
We spend €32 on gas for cook and we lost a gas/elec. water heater. So we don't use gas a lot.
€ 8 on fresh water per month. Sometime we are lucky enough to get some free fresh water everyday.

Food is the most important and pleasure thing we'd like to. But we capped on food spending in € 7.5 per day.
You can have a meal in large portion with that much of money if you can cook Korean food.

All in all, we've managed our life with about €13 a day.

Sounds pretty good, right?
Not really.
We sometimes fight over € 0.80 a can of beer. Or got depressed when we just passed a good restaurant by.

We don't have a huge saving. Our dads are not Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne.
We also do work in our van or Starbucks.
Hyea write a travel journal on the newspaper every week.
I shoot photos for photo stock company.
We don't make a lot of money. It is just enough to make us travel.
It doesn't make frightening us.

Although we have some few cents in our pocket, we are so happy because we are living in the centre of Paris for now and can leave to somewhere else whenever we want!

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