Doing laundry in Paris

When we were preparing our journey early this year, laundry was one of our concern. 
Laundrette wasn't our option because we were going to avoid cities as we possibly can so thought we couldn't find it easily.
There are few mini portable washing machine on internet, but we couldn't afford it and seems to difficult to store it in a van.
In the end, we couldn't make any decision. Dirty clothes piled up, we had no choice but find a laundrette in Paris. And it wasn't that hard to find. Google map knows everything.

It is slightly cheaper than UK.
We spent €10 for 2 washing machine. (We had quite a lot. Winter clothing, bed sheet and thousands of under wears.) And €3 for dryer.

The only downside of our laundrette was that too many great restaurants were there. 

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