Finding Gas in Paris

We have a Campingaz 2.75kg gas bottle. It is the biggest one in this brand. A camping equipment staff told me that I don't need to worry about refilling gas or regulator fitting in Europe if I have this.

It actually was. We could easily buy new one from Carrefour, Intermarche, Brico etc. and price was vary. In our experience, Brico marche and Castorma is the cheapest shop in France.
We can buy it directly from the shelf.

However, it is totally different story in Paris.
First of all, you are not gonna get it.
Getting a cooking gas canister in Paris, apart from small camping gas bottle, is absolutely impossible.
We've been every shop, every market we can find from the Campingaz website but they don't sell it at all. They don't even know where should we can find it.

We bought it from the Castorama which is 40 minutes away from Paris.

Conclusion, if you have a Gampingaz R907 (2.75 kg) and are going to stay in Paris for a month, then you should bring a reserve one.

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