Korean meal for van lifers.

I was born in South Korea. Small country with many beautiful mountains in it.
United Kingdom is my secondary home country to me. I learned a lot. I never regret my last 10 years in UK.

However, food is bit of a different story.
I love English food. Some say Britain has only fish & chips. Wrong. They have Shepherds pie, Yorkshire pudding, English breakfast etc. I’m pretty sure they have more.
But I still can’t live without Korean foods. Some of them are really easy to cook and give us great energy. Moreover, you can make a big portion so enjoy for 2 or 3 days.
You can save the money and time. Also you are getting great energy.

So, I’d like to share my recipe with my fellow van lifers. It is super easy to cook, super cheap and absolutely organic. Zero artificial ingredients.

Chicken stew.

I don’t know how to call it in english. I just named it.
It is my mum’ recipe. She thought me how to cook when I was a boy. So I think you can easily cook it even if you are a boy. Or a girl.


1 Whole chicken (Small)
10 Garlics, Peeled
Sticky rice (optional)

That’s it. If you can’t get a sticky rice, it is fine. You can skip it.


First of all, put about 2 liter water in a more than a 3litre pot. You can add more water depends on your chicken weight. Bring it to boil and put a whole chicken. Add garlics and sticky rice. Cover with a lid and cook over a low heat for 1 hour.

Mix salt and pepper. But don’t add into a pot. Just set aside on a table. You can dip your chicken or add it into your bowl.


Normally, we have drum sticks and thigh first. You can enjoy with sticky rice or just plain rice. If you have a pickled gherkin or onion it would be perfect side dishes.

When finish your chicken, you can add rice or chicken noodle into the soup. Never waste it.

You can’t finish them all in a day. It is such a big portion. So if you cook it for dinner just bring to boil again next morning. Taste will be get better.

If you have any question, just give me a shout.

Bon Appétit!

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