Minimal life in a van

How many products do you need in your life?
How much do you spend on buying new gadget and stuff you don't really need right now?
How many clothes do you buy every day you already have thousand of them in your closet?

Of course we never bother it at all. Never doubt our behaviour.
We think it is naturally accepted desire for buying something as basic instinct.

However, it is manipulated brain effect created by industries.
They make your brain want to buy something and brain order you to do so.
So they do everything they can do on you. Use math, history, design, smell and even they use psychology to control your brain.

When you buy a product and possess it, actually, it possess you. It makes you live for it. You can’t leave it. And that is what exactly they want.

For instance, if you buy a car, you need an insurance. And you need fuel. Maintenance is also needed, Maybe you are going to need a parking space. It is all about the money. Which means, you have to work harder to keep your car. Now you live for your car.

Before I live in a van, I had a decent car, huge tv, comfy sofa, and several IT gadgets in my house. I really worked hard to maintain my life style.

One day, when I got back from work, I realized I barely use them. I realized I have bought all of them which I didn’t use it because I wasn’t in my house. I was just working to keep my possessions. Possessions made me work. They possess me.

Since that day, I quit the job, put my everything behind me and decided to live in a van with just enough clothes and a laptop.

Without properties, I no longer belong to anything. So I can live anywhere I want and can leave anytime I want. As long as I want.

Minimal life gives me maximal freedom.
Less is more.

Look around your room. Do you really need all the things in your room?

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