Our van issue no.1

Soon after we purchased a van, we had a battery warning light.
But we ignored it because, at that time, our control panel was like a Christmas tree.
So we didn't realzied in the first place but alternator was broken.
Battery gone flat.

Long story short, it wasn't easy but we just managed to replace it with a proper new alternator. But battery has been discharged almost a month. I think battery has been damaged at that time.
Because, few days ago, battery were completely discharged again with no reason.
Only explainable reason was that we didn't start the engine for a week and battery lost a lot of capacity already. So it was discharged slowly over a week.

We couldn't find any help. So we decided that we can make our solar panel even more useful.
Connected a car battery to it.
Now we are pretty confident even if got a flat battery in the middle of forest.
But we are definitely going to buy a new one as soon as we got some enough money.

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