Our van issue no.2

As soon as we arrived in France, we had an issue on the front wheel. Massive grinding noise when I braking suggested that we are in trouble.
Malfunctioned stuck front callipers made front rotor worn out and disintegrated.
It was a huge trouble which we really can't afford. So we decided to ignored it.

As a result, we lost brakes. Now we have to replace rotors, callipers and brake pads.

We meant to repair van ourselves. That's the reason why we bought this old Citroen Relay. Easy to repair. It is actually really easy to repair. But it is really hard to get parts. Even mechanic said that they have to order parts to repair it.

So it is going to cost us about € 500 at the repair shop. We don't have that sort of money.
Thankfully, A chap from Tweeter suggested crowd funding and now we are nearly there.
We will be back on the road soon.

P.S. We are enjoying our car park camping anyway. Lidl is near from us, water tap and super fast free wifi from Castorama.

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