Solving Electricity Shortage

We have a quite decent electricity system on our van.
200w solar panel on the roof. A 115Ah leisure battery, 1500w pure sin investor and consumer unit connected with effective MPPT.

However, as soon as we started journey, we reallized our battery is too small.
Solar panel charged up the battery in nearly 3-4 hours.
But battery is drained at night in just 5 hours if we charge two laptops, do some showers and washing dishes.

Because battery is never fully charged because it is connected to MPPT.
One of the MPPT's job is protecting battery from fully charging stress.
No matter how long you get a sunlight.

So we are going to buy one more leisure battery in soon. (We don't have enough budget for now.)

Meanwhile, we are thinking about using wind to get more electricity in day and night.
According to our research, the wind turbine is expensive. And massive.
We couldn't afford it.

So we decided to make one. Some people said it is easy.
Yes, it could be easy if you are an electrician. But we're not.
So it is gonna be our next big challenge.

Our DIY wind turbine parts will be come from useless electric tools we used in conversion.

From now, we will post wind turbine making process on our website.
It would be happy to share our experience with thousand of van lifers in the world.

Or if you have already done this, please give us some tips.

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