Stay in Paris

Currently, we are staying in the centre of Paris.
It's been almost 2 weeks since we got here. And we found out that Paris is the most brilliant city we have been so far.
France government spend a lot of money on public. Transport system, social safety net such as free food and fresh water.

You can find a free toilet and even shower!
So we didn't worry about fresh water. We didn't worry about emptying toilet. at all. We don’t have any issue on our van life.


We can share a car, electric scooter, bicycle, electric kick board. So we don't even move a van for days. Because it is much cheaper than diesel. (Fuel price in Paris is extremely expensive.)

Only our spending is a grocery shopping.
Oh, and a Starbucks coffee. Summer temperature has been rocketing for few years and we don’t have a air conditioner. So we can’t stay at the van in daytime.
Starbucks is just a perfect place for us. They have wifi and decent air conditioner.

Apart from irresistibly nice restaurants and shops, Paris is a great city for van lifers.
If you are heading to Paris, and don’t know where to park, just let us know. We might be helpful ;)


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